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Dreaded CRNA Admissions Essay

  1. 0 So, I have everything assembled for my applications to anesthesia school and I am totally stumped on the admissions essays. I don't know why I am having difficulty with this part of the process and it's frustrating the heck out of me. I don't even know where to start. I keep writing the first paragraph and deleting it because I don't like the way it sounds when I read it out loud. Anyone have any pointers? Any ideas/suggestions for a good way to open the essay? Any advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
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    Well why do you want to go into the profession? What inspired you to want to become a CRNA? Start there
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    I opened my essay with a defining moment when I knew I wanted to be a crna...then talked about what my typical patients in icu look like then wrapped it into why I want to be a crna and finally how I know I can handle a challenging academic and clinical environment and give examples as to why....total length of 1 page single spaced
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    I also started to how I heard about CRNA and then I wrote about the steps of getting there.
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    For ideas check out aana.com

    Under "CE & Education" choose the link "Become a CRNA" scroll down to "Why I Became a CRNA"

    You'll see the stories and over a dozen practicing CRNAs.
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    thanx. always open for ideas!
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    thanks a lot for the input. I'm almost done with mine. I'll give the brief once it's complete. Thanks again!