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...has anyone every attended one of these programs geared specifically for minorities who want to pursue anesthesia? I'm debating whether or not to attend the conference in Miami. Do you guys think... Read More

  1. by   sarahneeyah
    Hi Cindrapo
    I wish I had met you back in the NJ luncheon. It really helped me to stay focus on my overall goal of becoming a CRNA. What can I say about Ms. Lena. She is a remarkable leader. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to Miami. My best friend who lives in NJ will be attending. I will IM you to give you her info, She wants me to come so bad, but I am focusing on my last semester for my BSN and my new position at Emory. I used to work for DMC, but I am at Emory now for the last two years. I am about to IM my number to you, let me know if you receive it or not.

    Quote from cyndrapo
    Hi Sarahlannie and kwalrn! I also live in the Atlanta area and I've been attending some of the Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program functions. I work at St Joseph's Hospital and Dekalb Medical Center. I attended the lucheon in March in NJ which was extremely beneficial and inspirational. I also was fortunate enough to attend one of Lena's Anesthesia Airway Workshops this past July in NJ also. Lena took us into the OR, we got to intubate a mannequin, we went over spinal anesthesia and watch some of her recent grads/SRNAs use it on a simulation mannequin, we went over the anesthesia machine in detail, we learned how to set up our OR each morning, and we went over the difficult airway cart. WE LEARNED SO MUCH THAT DAY AND I REALLY GOT TO GET TO KNOW SOME OTHER PEOPLE IN OUR POSITION that are hoping to get into anesthesia school someday. A lot of us that attended the airway workshop are all gonna meet up in Miami at the next luncheon. If you get a chance you should really try to attend one of her anesthesia airway workshops so you can really get some hands on and impress the admission comittees when you apply! I can't say enough about Lena, she is a remarkable woman and a God-send as far as I'm concerned.

    I am applying to like 8 - 10 schools including the 2 in GA. I am also in the process of applying to Univ of Miami so that my application will be complete when I talk to their representatives at the luncheon. (Hopefully they will remember my face when they see my app.!) You guys can hit me up anytime if you have any questions, HOPE TO MEET YOU IN MIAMI BABY! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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  2. by   shirleyland2
    Hello Cyndrapo, Kwalrn, & Sarahlannie
    I am in Atlanta working at Piedmont, I will will be applying to both schools in Ga next year. I am very interested in more info concerning the conference in Miami. I have heard Ms Lena is remarkable; woul love to meet her. Sarahlannie do you mind if PM you concerning the conference. Thank you all so very much.
  3. by   prettyprettyRN
    Hi Guys. I too will be attending the conference in Miami. Hope to see you all there.:wink2:
  4. by   Designer NP
    Hey guys the luncheon is one week out and I'm getting excited! I plan on flying in Friday afternoon and leaving Monday. I was wondering if anyone else would be there about the same time and if you would like to meet up to see a bit of Miami. I would really love to hang out on South Beach, but don't want to go alone! If anyone is interested please PM me!
  5. by   sarahneeyah
    Okay you guys,
    For all of you who are heading to Miami this weekend, have fun, fun, fun. I wish that I could be there, but I will have to attend the NJ luncheon in March of 2010. I had a great time and I'm sure you will too. For all of you that will be attending, can you please post something about the Miami (Southeast) luncheon? I will be looking for the pics on www.diversitycrna.org. Also, try and try to introduce yourself to Lena personally.

    Lannie from ATL