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Hello Have CRNA salaries gone down? I do know they vary by different areas and regions of the US, but after looking into it, its seems like overall they have too a significant drop? What can... Read More

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    Some CRNA's are only making 110,000 dollars, so it really depends on where you are working and what the cost of living is going to be that should make up your mind. The benefits in nurse anesthesia are fantastic though. Most companies pay for the entire family to have health insurance and that alone is a huge step up from nursing. Most CRNA students come out of school with over 100,000 in student loans, most MDA's come out with probably over 300,000 (just a guess). If you end up going the CRNA route, by the time you get your experience and apply, most programs may be phd programs already. By 2015 I believe all schools have to have the doctorate degree and no program is allowed to be "just a masters" program anymore. Although, I havent heard that this will do anything for the starting pay you will as a CRNA.

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    Actually, the doctorate is not required until the year 2025, Chicken Little. :chuckle
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    crna salaries have not gone down. they will most likely stay where they are rather than go up or down. crnas are very well trained and assume a huge responsibility. they have pt's lives in their hands on a daily basis. the crna is in the or from start to finish with varying amounts of assistance from a mda. this is not the job to get into just for the money. the training is real intense and should be. don't compare a crnas salary to mds like i see too often. the crna started the field of anesthesia and are very well qualified to practice independent, so should be well compensated.
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    Great. I hope CRNAs do become educated at the doctoral level. That'll just be more applicants turned away, more respect and skill within the field, and less competition for me.

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    wanting to be a CRNA and becoming a CRNA are two very different things.

    Quote from Mmmm Gas
    I don't think the salaries have been too effected at this point. But don't forget supply and demand. When half of my nursing patho class are wanting to be CRNAs even if 1/3 of them go for it you know at some point there will be a saturation of them across many parts of the country.
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