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CRNA Salaries. Have They Gone Down? - page 2

Hello Have CRNA salaries gone down? I do know they vary by different areas and regions of the US, but after looking into it, its seems like overall they have too a significant drop? What can... Read More

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    Great. I hope CRNAs do become educated at the doctoral level. That'll just be more applicants turned away, more respect and skill within the field, and less competition for me.

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    wanting to be a CRNA and becoming a CRNA are two very different things.

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    I don't think the salaries have been too effected at this point. But don't forget supply and demand. When half of my nursing patho class are wanting to be CRNAs even if 1/3 of them go for it you know at some point there will be a saturation of them across many parts of the country.