CRNA requirements?

  1. I am just beginning my ASN program, but I have already researched local 1 yr. ASN to BSN programs, and my ultimate goal is to become a CRNA (then on to a DNAP?). I am the sole provider for my 6-year-old, and while I have a lot of help, I would like to accomplish this as quickly as possible! I know there is a 1 year acute care experience requirement, however there are several medical centers in my area that offer programs where you work two 16-hour shifts on weekends and you are off for school/clinicals through the week. Would that type of program count as my experience for a CRNA program so I could begin applying immediately after my BSN program? Also, I currently have great grades, what else do I really need to concentrate on to gain acceptance to a CRNA program? I am currently looking at Texas Wesleyan...

    Thank you in advance for all your great advice!!!
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  3. by   CRNA, DNSc
    You will have to have at least 1 calander year of experience prior to the start of CRNA school. You can certainly be getting your experience during the time you are finishing your BSN. When you can apply (prior to finishing the BSN) is up to the individual programs. Good Luck!
  4. by   LonghornRN
    Just curious, why ASN? It takes almost as long (3-3.5 years vs 4 years for a BSN). If your looking for the most expiditious way, I say go for the BSN right away.
  5. by   DNAPwannabe
    Not at all, I'll have my ASN in December of '09, but all the BSN programs in my area it would be May of 2011, nearly an extra year and a half. On the practical side, as a single parent even an extra 6 months where I can already be in the workforce is important, plus the fact that I can get my CCRN, my BSN, and my ICU experience concurrently this way.