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Hi all- My first post, to inquire about something I've been having trouble finding by on my own. I know there are some CRNA schools that accept students without a BSN or RN, but I have been having trouble finding them... Read More

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    There has also been some discussion about the one-year only requirement - how practicing crnas do not feel that that is adequate and really a disservice to the profession. Is that a year off of orientation and taking your own pts ? There is so much to learn , a year really isn't enough according to what many of them say. That is what I have read though. Remember getting in and out of any program is great but u want to ensure that the program is top quality and preparing you to be an independent practioner. If you haven't experienced an infrequent complication then you may be a little weaker than your more experienced icu nurses prior to school. I hear stories of how the low experienced icu rn turned crna could not identify an intraop mi to the detriment of the Pt as they had never seen one before. It is this type of exposure that you need in your icu time that they expect you to have prior to school. Just saying everyone needs to eval their school choices carefully and what makes a strong crna at the end of it .

    Good luck !

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