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How much were you able to pay on student loans a month after graduation and hire?... Read More

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    Quote from Raider 3/1
    But they are private schools though, wouldn't that counter the fact that im not paying out of state tuition?
    Exactly Raider. And there are actually 5 CRNA schools in TX, 3 private, 1 public, and the Army program.

    So, the only school where a TX residency would help you get lower tuition is UT Health Science Center-Houston. Cost of attendance there is significantly less than the 3 private schools, but it is also one of the most competitive for admissions.
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    Thanks for all the helpful input everyone. Ill be trying to attend the joint service (Army program) once I get moved. Wanted to know what my options were if I couldn't get my military branch to pay for my masters.
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    I'm walking with 180 which is average if not lower than fellow classmates
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    Your amount of debt from school is very dependent on MANY factors.

    Only you can decide how much is too much. I have around 180k. I also had a wife and four kids to support during school. For ME it is worth it. I'll be paying for my education until retirement(more than my mortgage every month)....for ME still worth it. I don't have a 400k house or live a whole lot better than when I was working ICU, but man I love my work.

    So I say my debt is not too much for me, for others they cringe at the thought.
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    I will probably have >$160 when I graduate from Baylor. If you live on your previous ICU RN salary and save, it can be quickly paid off. It is scary, but it is absolutely worth it. It definitely makes me want to study harder because if I don't finish, I'm SOL...