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    CRNA school is making me realize just how much I didn't know when I was an ICU not only learn the necessary skills, but WHY you are doing what you are doing (that's the big thing...when in clinical, you will be asked not only to perform the necessary duties, but why you are doing them and how the outcome affects the patient) accelerated BSN program was much much easier and much less of a time commitment than my CRNA program--I am now tired all the time, stay up late making care plans, and practically live at the hospital (I am going there now, on a Saturday morning for our mandatory journal club....but it will all be worth it in the end---I am halfway done!!!!)
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    I wish more people read this. A lot of people just want to be CRNA's for the money but don't realize how difficult it actually is. I know a lot of people who want to be CRNA's but have the c=rn mentality and say nursing school is the hardest thing in the world. I have huge respect for the CRNA's they are so incredibly smart and others just underestimate everything they have had to do.
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    Seriously? This question makes me laugh! Nurse anesthesia school is an ADVANCED degree, a CRNA is an ADVANCED practitioner. Why in the world would anyone even think that it would not be harder than an UNDERGRADUATE nursing degree?! Again, seriously?
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    Within a month of starting my CRNA program, I was back on my ADD meds (hadn't taken since 8th grade), on an antidepressant AND blood pressure medications.

    It taught me what I was capable of, though.

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