CRNA becoming Doctorate (need better understanding)

  1. I am currently an house supervisor/ER nurse with my BSN. I want to start my education to become a CRNA now. I know that most schools want ICU experience. I work in ICU PRN. (rarely).

    I decided to wait until 2013 to look for an ICU job due to the fact that I am a military wife and we will be moving around November 2012. That means I will not get my 1 year of experience until 2014. Since the CRNA will become a doctorate in 2015, I want to make plans on the chance I get in a program after 2015.

    I need clarification on how the CRNA doctorate programs will work after 2015. When I get accepted to a program will I have to have a masters already? Or will the program be a combo were you get the masters and the doctorate at the same time. (example, MDs gets their bachelors then go to medical school and skip then masters.)

    If I have to have a Masters first, I can start that now, what masters will be best? I don't want to get a masters in nursing administration and later find out that I have to take additional class before applying to a CRNA program. I start shadowing a CRNA next month, will this still help when applying to schools 2-3years from now or should I wait until I am closer to applying? How many shadowing hours is best?

    Thank You Advance
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  3. by   JayVArn
    They will be a direct entry doctorate, meaning you should be able to get in with just a bachelors. Some schools are DNP while others are DNAP (doctorate of nurse anesthesia practice). Either way its similiar to what NPs are having to do with their doctoral transition. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   wtbcrna
    I agree with the above. Also, you do know that some NA schools will accept ER experience?..
  5. by   duluthrn
    In addition, not all schools will have switched to a doctorate level program by 2015. Schools that are not associated with a school of nursing have until 2025 to switch.
  6. by   Nataayy
    Thank You