Columbia University CRNA 2013

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    Anyone got their acceptance emails yet?

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    I am on the wait list. Applied to Columbia and UMDNJ. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
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    on the waitlist
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    Got mine 3 days ago.
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    Received mine on 11/21.
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    Congrats! I guess I'll be seeing you on Visiting Day.
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    Im on the wait list as well. Praying that i get in because it's the only school i applied to for CRNA. Anyone know how many students got accepted into the class? How many schools did everyone apply to?
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    Columbia and UMDNJ. Still waiting on UMDNJ.
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    Im on the wait list as well. Anyone know how many applicants are waitlisted on average every year?
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    @snby Thanks, you too.

    For all the wait-listers, if it's any consolation, I know someone who was wait-listed last year and then called for acceptance literally within 3 weeks of program start-up in May. So you never really know.

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