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  1. by   CCTN
    Good luck everyone!! Mine is the 16th
  2. by   forbidden donut
    I'm trying to get a bead on what the interview is gonna be like, and there doesn't seem to be much online about recent years. Historically it seems like CWRU has one of the more personal interviews with less clinical questions. I know in older threads posters said some got a simple math question here and there, and some clinical questions sprinkled in after being asked about patients they take on their unit, or about their shadow shifts, but I honestly can't find anything recent. I'm still gonna prepare for anything / everything, but does anyone have a better idea of what to expect?
  3. by   TunnelVision7
    Same here @forbidden_donut. Not sure which is why I made the post hoping for some direction. But plz do share your experience when u go for interview.
  4. by   TunnelVision7
    Hey @CCTN How did your interview go?!?
  5. by   CCTN
    Sorry I haven't been on here since the interview coz I really thought I wasn't getting in but I just got my acceptance email today!!!
  6. by   Rocuronium
    What made you think you weren't getting in? I kinda feel like I bombed it too even though it was an easy interview. No email yet.
  7. by   Rocuronium
    Decisions are available online where you submit your applications! I GOT IN!!!!!
  8. by   CCTN
    I didn't feel like I did well answering the personal questions as I did on the clinical part. Hopefully your email with good news is on the way!
  9. by   CCTN
    Congratulations Rocuronium!! Are you from Ohio?
  10. by   Rocuronium
    Thank you! Congrats to you too! I am not from Ohio originally but have been living in Cleveland since last May. 10 minute drive to school is going to be fantastic! What about you?
  11. by   CCTN
    From Indiana but planning on moving there sometime in March. Doing travel nursing now so I might take assignment around there to get familiar with the area. I might also ask you questions about the area when it gets closer if that's okay with your.
  12. by   SICURN14
    Hey Everyone!!
    I also got accepted. I have been watching this group from the get go just never commented. So excited to be accepted. I live about 6 minutes from campus. Congrats to everyone who gets accepted and see you guys at the start of the program!!
  13. by   TunnelVision7
    Heyy classmates!! I also got accepted!!! I am super excited!!! I can't wait to meet you all!! Good luck to everyone else!!