Barry University CRNA Starting January 2014 c/o 2016 - page 3

Anyone waiting for an interview invitation for the CRNA class at Barry University that starts January 2014?... Read More

  1. by   shani1541
    I applied end of march!! I hate this waiting game

  2. by   ufblondi
    when I interviewed last year I believe they told us they had about 400 applicants. I do not really know how many people they actually interviewed but I would think it would only be about 25 percent. We started out with 64 people in my class.
  3. by   shani1541
    Ufblondi... How long would you say it took to hear anything about an interview from the time you applied?
  4. by   ufblondi
    I applied in april and received a call in may for the June interview.
  5. by   snipes1
    I wonder if anyone has recieved an interview for this June yet?
  6. by   gatornurse2
    Hi @ufblondi! I was wondering what you thought about Barry's program so far. I was provisionally accepted starting January and I'm very nervous/anxious about starting the program! Do you have any advice or tips? Thank you! And of course Go Gators!
  7. by   snipes1
    Hello gatornurse2, at your interview did they happen to tell you when they hold interviews during the summer.
  8. by   snipes1
    Hi ufblondi, I was reading posts from last year did you interview july 23 and ifso did you here from them in june. If so I might still have a shot.
  9. by   LaLulu
    I got a call recently for June interview. My application was in around the deadline.
  10. by   snipes1
    I wonder if they go through in order of recieved or what. When in june is the interview. My app was done the 22nd my chances might be gone
  11. by   snipes1
    Lalulu did you end up retaking the gre, may I ask some of your stats so I can compare and figure why I haven't recieved an interview
  12. by   ufblondi
    snipes..I received an interview invite for the June session last year, but had to postpone it to their July session. I would think they would look at all the apps they received by the deadline, rank them, interview their top choices, and then go on from there. They interview until the class is full, so it just depends on when that is..could be as late as Oct, maybe even later. I am not sure how late they were interviewing for my class. They would not be calling people now for interviews that late though, they just call about 20 people or so for the next month, then after that interview and they have the date set for the next they invite the next batch.

    gatornurse, PM me if you have questions about the program, we are super busy this semester so can't guarantee an answer right away
  13. by   jaforlini
    I completed my application in April and shortly after was offered an interview for June 17. Will anyone else be at that interview session??

    Does anyone know how many students are chosen for each region? (I chose Tampa as my first pick). And any tips on the type of interview questions they ask would be greatly appreciated!