Barry University CRNA Starting January 2014 c/o 2016 - page 3

Anyone waiting for an interview invitation for the CRNA class at Barry University that starts January 2014?... Read More

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    Any news or information regaurding interviews from anyone

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    Hey Everyone, I'm anxiously awaiting news from Barry, no news yet : (
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    Anyone here get accpeted without any critical care experience?
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    Still waiting, I hope I hear something soon, I wonder how many applications Barry gets, I wonder the odds
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    Still waiting on my reply too! When did you guys apply?
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    I believe mine was complete april 23
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    I applied end of march!! I hate this waiting game

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    when I interviewed last year I believe they told us they had about 400 applicants. I do not really know how many people they actually interviewed but I would think it would only be about 25 percent. We started out with 64 people in my class.
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    Ufblondi... How long would you say it took to hear anything about an interview from the time you applied?
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    I applied in april and received a call in may for the June interview.

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