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Hey guys, Just wondering what you all perceive to the average age of SRNA at your schools. I'm 27 and started in the ICU 3 months ago, so prob won't be in school for CRNA until i'm 30? If i get in :)... Read More

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    Thanks Stymes, its been alot of work in a condensed amount of time.....................Graduated HS 18, ADN 1 month after turning 21, BSN 22. I will have 2 yrs ICU experience when school starts in August. I had 1 1/2 yr when I applied and my final BSN classes were still pending . I got my CCRN after a year of working. GRE 1160. I believed its all up to the person on how bad they seek out experience and want to acheive something. I've made it a point to constantly continue to learn new things. I started recovering fresh hearts after a year which in my unit there are plenty of people with 5 yrs + experience that havent gotten to that point and come to me asking questions. My interview was all clinical so I think my experience is adequate while at the same time I realize you can never know enough.
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    I'll be 40 when I start. When I interviewed,I was 37 and all of the nurses interviewing who were past 30, we were all accepted since we had a lot of nursing experience.
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    You are about the average age. I am 33 years old and I'm applying. I could have started sooner but I took 2 years off after receiving my ADN and there you go. I think the average is late 20s to 40s.
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    i am 27 and I just got accepted to start the program in Jan 2013.
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    I will turn 34 the day before my classes start this fall. Cudos to all you youngins out there who can handle this amount of responsibility. When I was 22, I had plenty of other things on my mind!!
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    I hear you CABGX4. I'm 23 now and start in the NICU at a lvl 1hospital nxt month with the goal of getting into school next fall and sometimes I wonder how admin boards really feels about us "youngins". I mean plenty of 20 somethings get in but it is a tremendous responsibility to be a competent practitioner. That being said I wish every crna hopeful the best regardless of age
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    WOW I'm speechless, that is impressive. Way to Go Propofolled!!!!
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    I am 21. Starting CRNA school right after 22nd birthday! First app and interview. Accepted! Worked my butt off to get accepted the first go around!
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    Quote from MicuCCRN
    I am 21. Starting CRNA school right after 22nd birthday! First app and interview. Accepted! Worked my butt off to get accepted the first go around!
    Which school are you goin to?

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