Applying to KPSAN, anyone applying for fall 2013

  1. 0 Hello everyone!!
    I am starting my journey in applying into the CRNA program. My dream school is CSUF, KPSAN, isn't everyone's for Angelenos? I am asking what to expect in my journey. I hope anybody can help me and help each other as well. Good luck to all of us who are in this journey for an advanced practice degree
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    Hi beetlebum,

    I have a few questions, if you don't mind. I'm interested in applying for KPSAN program as well, but i'm still in the process of obtaining my BSN. I'll be done by the end of 2013. My question is, did you apply to the program as soon as you finished your BSN? And is the MSN and the KPSAN program separate? Meaning, do you have to finish getting your Masters first from CSUF then after you can apply to the KPSAN program? Or is that the same thing? And how long is the program? I looked online and it says, 24 months. Seems short for a Masters degree so that's why I wanted to know if this was a program you apply after you get your Masters. And also, I know that applications are due every Nov., I think? But is this for a program that starts the following year or the same year? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi! I am in the initial stages of the application process. Yes, I finished my online bsn program this May and I quickly inquired about the program through the internet. I watched the video, sent my transcript and resume. I went to the information session and looked like a good candidate. I just need t shadow a CRNA (which has been difficult in my end). I may have to shadow an anesthesiologist in my hospital. When I inquired, the lady asked me who I wanted to shadow and I said I didn't know anyone. I am taking PALS. Also getting the 3 reccomendations, which I have to start sending out, but I have been busy stressing about the shadowing a CRNA. I would not waste my time in an MSN program, I mean, why bother with that when you want to be a CRNA? Just get good grades in your BSN program, that should be fine. Also take a o chem and biochemistry for other schools that require it and study for your gre. I am planning to take the chemistry class this fall and take my gre this summer. One thing, keep your options open to other schools. This school is very competitive and they are selective. I may not be their fit, so I am keeping my options open.
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    Quote from beetlebum
    Hello everyone!!I am starting my journey in applying into the CRNA program. My dream school is CSUF, KPSAN, isn't everyone's for Angelenos? I am asking what to expect in my journey. I hope anybody can help me and help each other as well. Good luck to all of us who are in this journey for an advanced practice degree
    Good luck in your journey. I believe you can apply once you have your BSN (assuming you have at least one year of critical care experience). You can Shadowing a Crna or anesthesiologist. The KPSAN program uses CSUF to host its Crna program through its school of nursing, so yes, you will acquire your MSN degree. The CRNA is the certificate that allows you to practice in the field. Good luck
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    I too have applied to KPSAN. Since we will likely be hearing whether or not we will be invited to interview within the next few weeks, I wanted to wish you luck! It isn't easy to wait this long for such a life and career-altering decision to be made!

    Good luck!
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    I have applied to the CSUF CRNA program for fall 2013 and was wondering if anyone heard from them or got any interviews?
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    No word yet! It seems like the letters are usually sent out and received sometime around/after the second week of January. It is so hard to wait!
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    Hi everyone! No word yet as well. It'll be a nerve racking all this month. I read a post from someone the timeline of the process. You can find it in my thread post history. It was very helpful. There is one that wrote about how the interview went. Idk, it's hard to know what this school wants. I feel all of us have a chance but it's like a long shot. Good luck to everyone!!
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    I am also waiting to hear from CSUF for fall 2013. It's good to hear that I am not the only person who have not heard anything from them since the application deadline.
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    Has everyone received their self addressed envelope back? I never got mine back but I sent my application certified so I know that someone signed for it. Should I call them to make sure they received it? Oh man! The anticipation is killing me!!
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    No envelope yet here! Multiple, daily trips to the mailbox are occurring at this house. You're in good company!
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    I have also applied for fall 2013, but I'm feeling doubtful. I got my self address envelope from CSUF in mid December. It indicated my application was complete. As far as the interview invitation, I have not received one yet. I'm feeling doubtful since last year it was sent out via email on 1/5. A week after everyone got a rejection email. By the way the invite is through email so check your spam folder too. Good luck everyone
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    flyingfish2u: this is interesting to hear. What's your source on this? It seems weird that no one in this thread has heard anything yet.

    Either way, I wish you and everyone else luck. I've heard wonderful things about this program and I'd be honored for a chance to interview!

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