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I am finally starting the application process and wondering if there are any recent applicants to Rosalind Franklin or Northshore out there with some words of wisdom? What do you feel made you stand out at either of these... Read More

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    I am applying local and Rosalind is the only school I have applied to. I strongly believe that with having a family I will be most successful in school if I am stay close to my support system.

    less time communiting= more time studying

    My interview is over, and now is the waiting period..............

    Good luck with your interview!

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    Would you mind sharing some details about the interview. What kind of questions were you asked - were they mostly related to you clinical experiences or general questions - like why you want to be CRNA, what have you done to prepare for the program, why Rosalind Franklin, etc. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!

    Best of luck to you, I hope you will get in!
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    Having completed the interview, and still cannot believe how hard this wait is. I really hope we hear something closer to the 5th and not the 15th. How is everyone else doing with the wait?
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    Waiting is rough. I didn't know that they were sending out acceptance notifications before the fifteenth. I hope they send them out the fifth. That would be amazing!!
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    The closer we are getting to the 15th, the harder the wait is!!!!!!!!
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    I agree, I am getting very anxious just waiting. Anyone know if we are suppose to find out via email or snail mail?
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    I wonder if they will send the snail mail on Friday and email us on Monday. It will be wonderful if they just email us on Friday! I am at the point where I am counting the days till Monday!
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    Couldn't agree more on waiting! These last few days just seem to drag! I hope they send the email first thing in the morning!!!
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    Decision day! Will be waiting by the computer!

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