Anyone interview with FIU? - page 2

Just checking to see if anyone interviewed last week with FIU. How did your interview go? Good luck!!!... Read More

  1. by   toebower
    I am pretty sure i got them correct Resp acidosis... VT... same thing as yours opened it up... not too much more than that... im so surprised about the number of people they interviewed.... said around a 100....for only 36 spots.....
  2. by   toebower
    CVICU I think we were the only 2 that worked CVICU.... You said you messed one up??
  3. by   CVICU14
    We were? How do you know? Yea I said metabolic. Total nerves. We read ABGs nonstop. How did you answer VTACH
  4. by   CVICU14
    The director did say he could see that I'd been preparing & thats what they were looking for so I felt that was a plus but I could've blew it with ABG Who knows.
  5. by   toebower
    yeah i think so the others were medical ICU... No CV background... I said amiodarone... the patient had a pulse... he said amiodarone ddint work... i said another dose.. said it still didnt work... i said ok well then i would cardiovert in sync mode. seemed to be ok with it... who knows.. didnt really respond to my answers...
  6. by   CVICU14
    See I stalled after he said it didn't work. I was so wanting to say cardiovert but I didn't want to make another mistake(. It's usual pace or shock in CVICU. LOL. If they have a pulse in vtach it's not for long.
  7. by   toebower
    i was tring to think of other things besides cardiovert but i think thats where they were wanting me to go with it... only 2 moredays if you hear anything let me know ....
  8. by   CVICU14
    Ok. I will. You also
  9. by   toebower
    ok I will.... I think this wait has been worse than the interview... checking constantly and everytime I get an email my stomach drops!!
  10. by   CVICU14
    Me too!!! I think I'm going to turn off email
  11. by   class2008
    I am waiting like u guys, hopefully we will receive an emai tomorrow 11/30. Yes, I have my CCRN but I met applicants with excellent backgrounds with no CCRN and I think they were good candidates. We were about 24 applicants and 3 panels! I met CVICU, Neuro, MICU RNs. Many were happy after the interview and many were disappointed but no one knows exactly whom they will choose! Quite competitive!
  12. by   CVICU14
    Yea. You just can't tell. Why were some disappointed? It's funny because you can feel you did well & they think differently. And vice versa.
  13. by   class2008
    Definitely! Never know! Many were disappointed since they thought did not answer clinical questions correctly and were invaded with more questions and in general did not feel well while being interviewed! But again, u never know! Some of them were telling me it was fine, the interviewers were very friendly and that is what I think!