Anyone interview with FIU? - page 7

Just checking to see if anyone interviewed last week with FIU. How did your interview go? Good luck!!!... Read More

  1. by   toebower
    where at in florida you from??
  2. by   class2008
    Key West, FL!
  3. by   pookyp
    Quote from class2008
    Key West, FL!
    Nice to see a fellow conch on here!
  4. by   toebower
    I'm excited to be a Floridian... You apply to any other schools 2008??
  5. by   class2008
    No yet! Looking for schools!
  6. by   toebower
    I applied to wolford and received an interview... heard good things about Uof Miami's program.
  7. by   CVICU14
    Im considering Wolford
  8. by   toebower
    yeah i have heard good things about Wolford.....
  9. by   atc1324
    Hi sorry to bother you I know this post is old ..but when u applied to FIU did they tell u why u didn't get accepted if you don't mind me asking since you have the experience and ccrn ?
  10. by   jrt1079
    ATC...did you interview for FIU this year? What were the rest of your stats?
  11. by   atc1324
    So I haven't heard anything back yet ..the anxiety is killing me lol..I have 3 years of ICU experience gpa is 3.9, CCRN and TNCC
  12. by   class2008
    Hi, hopefully you got in! No they never told me why I did not get in, their advisement is quite poor. I was placed in the waiting list but never got in. I even emailed the professors that interviewed me but that was a waste of time. Like I said, they do not give you directions or guidance. Good luck again!!