Anyone interview with FIU? - page 6

Just checking to see if anyone interviewed last week with FIU. How did your interview go? Good luck!!!... Read More

  1. by   toebower
    Keep me updated!!
  2. by   class2008
    I will
  3. by   CVICU14
    No. I mean I didn't get accepted
  4. by   toebower
    Damn I'm sorry.... 😞
  5. by   class2008
    How do u know? Did u get a letter or email? Really? Dont be hopeless, keep trying!
  6. by   toebower
    Yeah!! I agree with 2008!!
  7. by   CVICU14
    Email. It's ok. Yes. Staying in good spirits. First interview. Have 3 more schools that I've submitted apps to
  8. by   class2008
    Dont worry, You are going to get in! This is my first too and I don't even know any thing yet but I will apply to a couple more school if I don't get in at FIU! Good luck!
  9. by   CVICU14
    Thank you!!!! You will too!!!!
  10. by   class2008
    Did not get accepted! Good luck to you all!
  11. by   toebower
    Thanks you ... Sorry good luck to you!!
  12. by   CVICU14
    Don't give up!! Stay encouraged. Did you apply anywhere else?
  13. by   class2008
    I won't give up! Thanks! I haven't applied! I'll see what schools I can apply to!