Anyone interview with FIU? - page 3

Just checking to see if anyone interviewed last week with FIU. How did your interview go? Good luck!!!... Read More

  1. by   CVICU14
    Yea. I fumbled a little with clinical. I would say mastered when they asked about Levo. And prep, etc. We'll see
  2. by   class2008
    Good luck to you all!
  3. by   class2008
    It seems we will find out tomorrow 11/30. Never got any e-mail or phone call!
  4. by   class2008
    I agree!
  5. by   CVICU14
    I have a feeling that just because we're expecting tomorrow; it's going to be next week:/
  6. by   class2008
    That's is true! They haven't sent any notification and tomorrow is 11/30 ):
  7. by   CVICU14
    Yup. Who knows.
  8. by   class2008
    Yep, it seems this wait will be prolonged
  9. by   toebower
    Haven't heard anything!!!!
  10. by   class2008
    I called, no one answered!
  11. by   toebower
    What on earth.....
  12. by   toebower
    I GOT IN!!!!
  13. by   class2008
    Congrats! How did u find out!