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Just checking to see if anyone interviewed last week with FIU. How did your interview go? Good luck!!!... Read More

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    How many people interviewed on your day? I am surprised no one has heard anything... only a couple more days!! for class 2008

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    Oh ok. So myabe I was Panel 3 lol. Did you get your questions correct? He did. Asked personal questons, he opened the interview. What did he say in yours?
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    I believe it was 20 How about your day? I just called. She said they're still deciding. Do you think she's just saying that. I'm hoping we know something no later than Friday. The 30th is stuck in my head
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    I am pretty sure i got them correct Resp acidosis... VT... same thing as yours opened it up... not too much more than that... im so surprised about the number of people they interviewed.... said around a 100....for only 36 spots.....
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    CVICU I think we were the only 2 that worked CVICU.... You said you messed one up??
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    We were? How do you know? Yea I said metabolic. Total nerves. We read ABGs nonstop. How did you answer VTACH
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    The director did say he could see that I'd been preparing & thats what they were looking for so I felt that was a plus but I could've blew it with ABG Who knows.
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    yeah i think so the others were medical ICU... No CV background... I said amiodarone... the patient had a pulse... he said amiodarone ddint work... i said another dose.. said it still didnt work... i said ok well then i would cardiovert in sync mode. seemed to be ok with it... who knows.. didnt really respond to my answers...
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    See I stalled after he said it didn't work. I was so wanting to say cardiovert but I didn't want to make another mistake(. It's usual pace or shock in CVICU. LOL. If they have a pulse in vtach it's not for long.
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    i was tring to think of other things besides cardiovert but i think thats where they were wanting me to go with it... only 2 moredays if you hear anything let me know ....

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