Anyone hear from UAB yet? Also...

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    Good luck to you folks interviewing at Samford today. I am sure I will run into some of you on the circuit in the next few months.

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    No word from UAB yet. How about you? I am still waiting to hear from Samford. Hopefully will have a letter in the mail tomorrow. Anyone want to share their Samford interview experience?
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    Did you apply for the early interview option or are you regular deadline?

    The letters for early interviews are going on now. I havent had mine yet.

    I also have not heard anything from UAB yet. The oh-so-nice woman that answers the phone said that letters would go out last week when I called to check to make sure my reference letters had gotten there.

    Of note: She said that one of my reference letters was missing, but I know it was mailed on July 7th. I am not sure if they lose documentation, but a friend of mine also had TWO that mysteriously didnt get there.

    I will let you know how the interview went. Did you apply last year?
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    I Pm'd you.
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    I received an invitation for UAB today. Anyone else??
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    Where do you live? I didnt get one yet!
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    I live in Alabaster.
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    My coworker and I got our interview invites Thursday. We both live in
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    Hmmmm....I haven't heard anything from UAB yet. I would be shocked not to get an interview. I would be shocked if phishininau didn't get one as I know his credentials as well. I live in Cullman so it should be here by now.

    Quote from tsicurn
    My coworker and I got our interview invites Thursday. We both live in
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    I got an invitation today. Now I need to know about the interview. Does anyone have some input that may be helpful? I will do a search.
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