Anyone gotten accpeted from PACU?

  1. To explain I have been a nurse for almost 10 years. I was working in an ICU, that I loved with all my heart and soul! I ended up having to go on diability while pregnant and found a desk job, so that I wouldn't have to be on disability for the whole pregnancy. Anyway, despite the fact that I loved the ICU, I decided to keep the desk job as it was offered to me permanently. I never liked the desk job, but found it to be convenient with the new addition to our family. I have always been persuing applying for anesthesia school, but have been derailed. I just accepted a position in the PACU, as I am getting back to patient care that I so desire. I am wondering is it out of the question to apply for anesthesia school? I worked in critical care for 3 1/2 years, and have been away from it for 10 months. Thank you for any input.
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  3. by   ckh23
    I don't think it is as long as you meet all the requirements of the school. You haven't been out of critical care that long so that is in your favor. I truly believe you just need to have good looking stats so that you can land an interview. I think it is the interview that makes or breaks people getting into a program.

    Take a look at the different programs and if you meet the criteria, start applying.

    On a side note, my friend who is now a CRNA, did his 2 years of critical care experience and then moved the PACU and then started applying to programs.
  4. by   Sedatetime
    Hey jcurlygirl,

    I am a former ICU nurse and current PACU nurse and I applied to 3 schools that would take PACU experience. I just finished one interview and just got a letter from another school stating they will call me with the for another interview. My advice would be to google (all crna schools) and research the programs that you are qualified for and apply to those schools.

    I will also add that going to PACU has definitely lowered my chances but it is not at all impossible. I would say with the your experience and the fact you haven't been out of critical care long may not hurt you much at all.

    I agree with ckh23, the interview is what counts. Don't let anything stop you from applying, all they can say is no.
  5. by   Propforall
    I did. After working in the PACU for about 4 years right out of nursing school, I applied to two schools. I had heard it was impossible and I was wasting my time, but I got in to one and wait listed for another. Granted, the hospital I work for is a major one with almost 70 OR's and we took SICU and other ICU overflow pts. I ended up deferring enrollment because I was offered a job in the Medical ICU and decided that the experience I would get would be invaluable and only help me in school and patient care. I've been there 7 months and I already can't believe how much I've learned. Anyways, I think where you are coming from an ICU and have PACU experience will help you. The PACU taught me a lot about anesthesia and surgery in general. I became familiar with drugs and had an opportunity to work along side some great anesthesiologists and CRNA's, and they all loved to teach. Try enrolling in a course or two to show them you are serious and get your CCRN if you don't have it already.
  6. by   3ccBolus

    I think you made the right decision. You will be exceptionally well rounded when you begin your program.
  7. by   Propforall
    Thanks 3ccbolus, I appreciate that. It was a hard one to make, but I think I made the right decision.