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Hello, I recently made a difficult decision to withdraw from my anesthesia school because it just was not the right fit for me, I felt like I would be doing myself and my future patients a... Read More

  1. by   BCRNA
    Not many programs treat srna's this badly. Unfortunately some do though. Where I went to school students were treated like second class citizens, no body gave them any respect and everyone felt it was ok to talk down to them. Where I work now is completely different, students are respected and talked down to. Don't let this make you not want to join a anesthesia program, just be sure to research how students are treated where you are applying. Some MDs and CRNAs actually think that embarrassing or making students feel stupid is actually encouraging them not to screw up. I wouldnt call it hazing, but no other word fits. Though if any one touchs you physically, that is illegal regardless of where it occurs. I would report that immediately.
  2. by   ILoveRatties
    I'm sorry for your situation.
  3. by   RED2
    I knew a couple people that say its really bad and unorganized at St Mary University in Minnesota. They said nobody is really happy or proud that they are their and just want to get through it. Sounded pretty crappy for the money.
  4. by   IndecisiveInMiami
    This is horrendous and extremely depressing for people like me who are interested in this field. what a shame.

    Isn't there an entire section of this forum dedicated to CRNA's?? I'd be interested in seeing what they all have to say about this thread.
  5. by   ssrhythm
    Quote from Sleepy 7
    " can safely say that there is no other APN role with this reputation of treating students horribly AS A PART OF THE CULTURE."

    I totally agree with this statement. And the head organization perpetuates it.
    Completed my program (after being the Nth person to seek a legal protection)
    Now out of 25 people the 3 that live in a certain geographical area have yet to pass the exam after a combined 6 tries)(2 each)
    They even promote a publication for the students that reads, among other things that "Black, hispanic, and white over 40 are hard to teach and have to seriously be doubted in their sincerity to the profession"
    Some of the providers are very good, top notch, the remainder/organization are definitely a CULTure mentality.
    Ok...did the three black, hispanic, or over 40 white students that have yet to pass their boards attend the same classes as the rest of the class? I was under the impression that the board exam was a computer exam that randomly chose from a bank of test questions in an adaptive manner to determine your level of anesthesia understanding based on correct vs incorrect answers. How does the computer know to discriminate?

    I too would love to see that publication. Will you please post the name of the publication and how to view it? Thanks.
  6. by   Skip219
    Most li kely it's was published in the AANA journal.
    I was told in clinicals I wasn't like the younger students.
  7. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from Skip219
    Most li kely it's was published in the AANA journal.
    I was told in clinicals I wasn't like the younger students.
    I highly doubt that was published in the AANA journal, and it would be personally beneficial to you to substantiate a claim like that before you committ liable against one of the largest political organizations in the country.
  8. by   Skip219
    I retract my previous post b/c I wasnt able to find the article Spode and deep7 talked about in postings. All of my IRS, student loan and financial ruin requires I don't bring on liable suit. Once I wished I joined an elite group, but they seem unhappy and sometimes nasty to us regular folks.
  9. by   nursiepooh6
    I was just dismissed also with nine months left. My grades and clinical were fine. It was due to lack of logging cases that I was never made aware there was problem with. I trul felt singled out and hazed beyond belief. There remains and have been student with much more egregious offenses. I plan to move forward and finish master in nurse Ed then apply to post maters certificate proograms. I understand the hurt and loss u feel. This just happened a few weeks ago. But you have be extremely smart to have been chosen so don't let a coupl masked bullies stop your dreams!!
  10. by   nursiepooh6
    Was anyone successful at getting into other programs and how? Tips? Know schools more open to taking dismissed students?