Anyone applying to Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia for Nov 2012 interviews?

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    Hello. Just wondering who else is applying for RSNA this year? Also, is anyone taking the core courses now through UNC Greensboro?
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    I am applying to RSNA. I actually got a call from them yesterday morning setting up an interview with me in November! Im excited about it. I turned in my application about 3-4 weeks ago.
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    Congrats! I just got everything sent yesterday so hopefully I too will hear something in the coming weeks.
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    I will be sending in my app here shortly! Have you guys applied other places as well?
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    I have applied to 10 schools total. I have heard back from one other than RSNA in Tennessee and I have an interview there in 2 weeks.
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    Yeah I'm applying to at least 5 other schools.
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    Yes, I have applied to RSNA and Wake Forest Baptist. I received an email from Baptist saying the application is complete, waiting to hear about an interview. Also applied to RSNA about 4 weeks ago, still waiting on a supervisor evaluation to be sent in. I am currently taking the core classes at UNCG.
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    Woo hoo!! I have an interview in November!
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    Hi Everyone! I also received notice to set up an interview for RSNA. My interview is Nov 1st. I am also taking core classes at UNCG. Look forward to seeing you guys there!
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    Hi everyone! I have an interview Oct 31st! Has anyone heard anything about examples of interview questions?