Anyone applying to Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia for Nov 2012 interviews? - page 4

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Hello. Just wondering who else is applying for RSNA this year? Also, is anyone taking the core courses now through UNC Greensboro?... Read More

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    I received the same letter as well. I had asked one of the instructors what number I was and she told me they do not make a numbered list. If a spot were to open, she said they look at all the applicants on the list, then make their decision.
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    I received the same letter. And also when I asked about the alternate list they told me they don't rank them. When a spot opens, they reevaluate everyone's applications and then decide.
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    Has anyone from the alternate list heard anything from rsna? Know anybody that has?? Is there a cutoff date or will we be hanging on until the class starts???
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    I haven't heard anything since being placed on the alternate list.
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    Has anyone heard anything? Know of anyone who has?
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    Have not heard a thing since the alternate list. Don't know of anyone that has either. I have given up hope for class of 2015 . I have enrolled in a GRE prep course and plan to retake that and beef up my application. Will have the three core courses completed by summer. Hoping for next year.
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    Any news?
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    I heard through the grapevine that there were no spots open for the class starting this fall. But who knows, may just be a rumor.
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    no news. not sure what is going on with the school, heard they have a lot going on right now (internal). I guess they are not sure how many students they can take this class. Don't know if anyone has been taken from the alternate list. ?????

    Hoping for ECU start 1/2014. Will be working on that application next.
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    I am also looking at applying to ECU. may actually be better in the long run since raleigh seems to have some issues going on.