Any USC Grads or Students??

  1. I've done a search already on these forums and couldn't come up with an answer...

    I was wondering what USC's (University of Southern California) interview is like? Is there a panel of people who ask you questions or just one person? Do they ask both personal and clinical questions? One type of question more than another?

    I would appreciate any input you all could give me. Thanks!
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  3. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Hi Gongju,
    Do you mean Kaiser? I have an interview there on Feb 9th. I know HopkinsAlum had an interview on Feb 2nd. How did it go Hopkins? I did a search for Kaiser on this forum and found a few things that were helpful. Poeple have said that there will be 12 or so on the panel. Several of them are doctors and the rest are practising CRNAs and students.

    The interviews are short...15 minutes or so. They ask about motivation, preparation, support systems, financial planning, and clinical questions based on the types of patients you are used to working with.

    The thing that most of these posts had in common was that the panel wanted to see if a person can relax and handle the stress of the interview in a graceful manner (so no apologizing for how nervous you are!).

    I had an interview at Newman last week and that was a grill session! I was there for 45 minutes. The questions ranged from what types of patients do I see and what treatment modalities am I familiar with (then they drilled down from there to the drugs) to what I would do in a certain ethical situation. There were questions about vasoactive gtts and the swan catheter (hemodynamics). I made the alternate list there. I am happy to have made the alternate list because the competition was stiff. I would have been happier to have made the student roll for 2006 though.

    Do you have an interview at Kaiser? Let us know how it goes.
  4. by   SRNA2B
    Congratulations on your invitation for an interview at Kaiser! I have an interview with Sammuel Merritt but haven't heard from Kaiser. I'm guessing that's not good news unless these are early applicant interviews....? Good luck
  5. by   HopkinsAlum
    Hi ICUDOUCME? vbmenu_register("postmenu_1511170", true); , I had my interview and it was great meeting the committee board. Sorry I am writing so late. Just be yourself and follow the advice on the Kaiser threads. Hopefully we will find out next month if we are in or not. Let know how it goes and be positive.
  6. by   ICUDOUCME?
    Well, I had my interview on the 9th at Kaiser and I feel good about it. The meet and greet lady in the waiting area was really funny so that helped relax everyone. That was a good idea. There were several of us in that waiting room and it was cool to see the caliber of people I was up against. I didn't see anyone that didn't seem like they would make it.

    The questions were all based on motivations and preparation for the rigors of the program. They also threw in some questions about leadership experience.
    The director told me the letters will go out in two weeks. So we don't have long to wait.