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Hey everyone! I am just starting nursing school, but I plan on becoming a CRNA at some point. I've been looking into the University of Cincinnati's program (in Ohio), and it seems really good. Are... Read More

  1. by   pbibbo
    For the online line classes for my MSN can you hold an RN license in another state? I live in NY
  2. by   theNPdream
    hi all,

    i am ecstatic to have just received acceptance into uofc's fnp program so i apologize that i can not, as of yet, give you any feedback on the program. i had been waiting awhile on pins & needles for almost over a month & were nervous b'c classes start next month. well i contacted my advisor and received word back i have been accepted but for the following semester . i was ready to start now but then decided i will just have to wait. otherwise, i have heard that their program is good so far and they are a highly recommended school. i would like to keep in contact with any other students who are attending uofc's programs and so that we can network and possibly see each other on this path. if any of you would like to keep in contact my email address is
  3. by   nlt284
    Congratulations everyone! Did any of you receive your acceptance letter in the mail, or was it through email? I have applied to the online WHNP program and would appreciate any information on the acceptance process!!!