Any tips for UNE organic chem final?

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    I'm hoping someone here has some advice they might be able to share with me. I'm planning on applying to school in the fall. Unfortunately, my sciences are now over 10 years old so I decided to do UNE's online organic chemistry class. I've never had much trouble with chemistry before so I thought it would be fine. I was wrong. I am having such a difficult time in this course. I feel like it's too abstract for my brain (I do much better when I'm able to visualize). At the rate I am going, I'll end up with a C in the course. I've been doing well on the labs, but averaging Cs on the quizzes. I only have 4 more weeks to go, and I know the final counts for most of the grade. I feel like a lot of the quiz questions are coming out of left field. I can't find the answers in the book or in his lecture. The prof has been very helpful when I've emailed him after the quizzes, but that's obviously a little too late. I really want to try to pull my grade up on the final. I would be so grateful to anyone who took this course who can give me some tips. Thank you so much.

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    Ok, I am doing UNE chemistry for my pre med (yes I know ). The course is extremely difficult (much more difficult than any other course I ever had. The reason why it is difficult is that we are tested on material that is not adequately explained in the provided book. Lectures that are like 20 minutes are not helpful either. I am also due for final exam in June. Let me know how well you do. (Grab yourself another organic chemistry book and study material from there as well. Use internet resources too. The point is do not rely on the text provided).
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    agree with what premedbosna wrote. i sent you a pm pumpkin. take a look when you have a moment.
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    I'm thinking to take online Organic Chem through UNE. How hard is it? Will you suggest it? How do you do the lab part? Thank you for any response.
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    I just began the UNE organic chemistry course and I must say that you will need to take time out everyday to study. The lab is completely virtual and you are given unlimited attempts to complete it. The final has changed supposedly, so when I take I will let you guys know how it is. The quizzes are not too bad and you don't have to take it as soon as you open it. You can come back to it anytime and there is unlimited time to finish the quizzed. I definitely picked up "Organic Chemistry for Dummies", "Organic Chemistry as a Second Language" and "Pushing Arrows". I read then did all the problems associated with the module, then did the lecture. The lecture is not for learning purposes, rather a summary of what you have been reading. Good luck to all!!!!
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    Hey All,

    Can you tell me how feasible you think it would be to take just the lab component of UNE's organic chemistry course? I took organic chemistry a few years ago, but now I need an organic lab before starting graduate school. How correlated are the lab quizzes to the actual lab work?

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    I don't know if it is feasible, but if so you can finish the lab within a few weeks. It is a virtual lab and you take a quiz instead of doing a lab report. The quizzes correlate only to the lab work. It was really fun and easy.
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    I just finished the UNE O. Chem and found it incredibility daunting and intense. During that time I also studied for and took the GRE and applied to grad school, but with all that it took me about 6 months to finish. I had to hire a tutor because the lecture and text are so dense and dry. It broke me down so much I thought I would never finish and even considering withdrawing my apps from the schools that required O. Chem and just giving up.
    I finally reached out to fellow students on the message board and found a nice community of support with many other struggling students. After taking a week off from work and studying everyday I was able to take the final and ended up with an A- in the class, however was actually aiming for a B, thinking that was the best I could get... Anyways if at all possible take the O Chem at a community college and avoid this class unless you are already confident in the subject.
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    If you need help send me a pm. i may be able to help.
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    BxRN0808 I am in the same predicament and I just tried to PM you but I don't have enough posts to do so. Can you please PM me?

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