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I'm hoping someone here has some advice they might be able to share with me. I'm planning on applying to school in the fall. Unfortunately, my sciences are now over 10 years old so I decided to do UNE's online organic chemistry... Read More

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    I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me out with the course!! I would take any and all help at all. BxRN0808 If you would be able to help me that would be awesome. Anyone can email me at thank you

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    This course is unnecceaaarily hard....I just finished it this summer. Use homework help for the quizzes. The final is TOUGH and you need to know the info's not just the same questions there was a 10 point curve. The professor is willing to help...I called him directly rather than emailed
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    I am taking this course as well, I was wondering where the review sheet for the final is posted. I read somewhere that you should reference the review sheet as you are going through the chapters, but I couldn't find the sheet anywhere on blackboard. Just curious if you knew where to track it down; if not, I can always email the Prof.
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    anyone has taken Biochem through UNE? how difficult is it?
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    do you have any info that might help me get through this class I am just about to take it. You can email me at if you would rather. Thanks you!
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    Hi, definitely need help/advice for the UNE organic chem final. I am new on this forum, can you please PM me? Thanks!!!
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    I am in UNE Organic Chemistry II and am having troubles with the labs. My computer crashed after I took UNE Organic Chemistry I and everything was lost. I reuploaded the virtual chemlab software on my computer and now I am having issues with the rights. It says the rights are in use by another user, etc..... I was able to do the first lab because you didnt need the virtual chem lab, got 48 of out 50. I was also able to the do the lab you do in your own kitchen, 9 of 10. But I need help with the remaining lab, can anyone help out? I am scheduled to take the final next week and have already completed all of the chapter quizes.
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    hi i am currently taking the general chemistry 2 class and it is really hard. If anyone can please help me i would really appreciate it. I am willing to pay for help as long as i maintain a good grade. Someone please reply i will pay. Thanks
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    Yes, I agree with the other posts. UNE Organic Chemistry is very difficult. Quiz and test questions do not reflect study material. Does anyone have any other tips to help. I'm freaking out. Please PM me if you have any helpful advise.
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    Did he grade on a curve? I have about a 70 average and I am doing horribly on the practice tests. All that I am required to do is pass the class for transfer of credits.

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