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    Any Northeastern University SRNA's out there? I'm in the process of applying for 2011 entry and wanted to know about admission interviews from anyone who recently got in? For SRNA's who already started taking classes, what's your schedule like, when do you start clinicals, do you choose your sites, etc...? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Jdog19s
    Hi, I am a first year student at Northeastern so this is what I can tell you. The interview is a get to know you personally session as well as some pimping as to what you know at this point in your career. There were 3 different rooms of 4 to 7 people that you went to and they wanted to know about you as well as hear an example of a patient you took care of, the drugs that were used, how they work in the body..and things you would have done differently. It was pleasant for some people and not so pleasant for others from what I've heard from other students. There is also a room of current students that you can talk to about how they like the program, and they also give you a tour of the campus. The schedule for the first semester puts you on campus 3 days a week, on the 2nd semester, 2 days a week, and 3rd semester takes you into the summer, class is 2 days a week but all day long. Some of us are working part time during this first year (it is possible). Clinicals arent until after your first full year of classes is over. I will start this fall. You have some say in your clinical site, but not very much. They ask for your first and second choice, but some clinical sites require certain personalities, some instructors that are at the interview actually request who they want if they think you would be a good fit (or so we have speculated). From what I hear, when clinicals begin you are on campus for classes all day Monday and in clinical all day Tue through Friday... weekends off to study all the time.
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    Thanks a lot for the reply and answers to my questions about your program. I can't wait to be in (CRNA school). How many are in your class? Do you know the other stats (average GPA, years experience, GRE score)? I also heard from a friend of a friend that some SRNA's are taking out 25K in loans each semester---did NEU offer you financial aid, grants? And do elaborate on
    "...but some clinical sites require certain personalities, some instructors that are at the interview actually request who they want if they think you would be a good fit (or so we have speculated)..."
    It may be better if you email me privately.
  5. by   Jdog19s
    There are 23 in my class, although we will have 2 joining us from the class ahead of us that took a year off and are starting up again (thus, 25 soon). I'd say that the experience runs from 2 years of ICU to 10 years of ICU, age ranges of 25 to 40. GRE scores range from 1000 to 1400 from what I have heard, GPA's from 3.2 to 4.0. I believe that about 8 of us had cardiac surgical background, 5 or 6 with PICU, the rest with some mixed ICU's/Neuro/Trauma ICU. It's a pretty good range of experiences. I'd say that most of us this first year took closer to 30,000 or more out in school loans. That is pretty standard as far as New England schools goes. The good thing is that they are federal loans and they are easy to get. In the program you are pretty much guarenteed to get all the loan money you need, however there arent any grants available as far as I have heard. I guess they figure that in the end, you can afford to pay it back. I wish there were more grants, or scholarships available.

    And its no big deal about clinical sites, some are more MD run and require a SRNA to be able to be pleasant and cooperative even when it may not be reciprocated. Some are smaller hospitals that are more SRNA friendly so I have heard. Don't make a big deal about clinical sites during your interview and definitely don't quote me on that information because its all speculation from my point of view. They pretty much want to know that you are willing to do anything for a few years to get into this career. If your stats fit somewhere into the above and you have a good personality/good interview, I'm sure you'll be in.
  6. by   RN789
    Thanks a lot for your reply. This really clarifies a lot. I hope you're right since I do fall within the range for all of your given stats. It's good to hear that at least loans are available in all cases.