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Albany, anyone?

  1. 0 I'm getting ready to start Albany's CRNA program this August and would love to hear from my classmates-to-be. Anybody out there?
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    I am going to start Albany CRNA program august 2011 too
    Do you live in the area?
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    I live in Vermont.. I'm looking for a place in or around Albany. What about you?
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    I moved to Albany from San Diego, CA a month ago.
    Do you still work? When do you plan to move?
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    Yes, still working.. probably until the week before classes start. I of my coworkers also got into the program and we're looking for a place together. How's the city? Are you liking it there?
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    I used to live in NYC, so Albany seems to be very small, but it's ok, there are some nice restaurants and coffee shops around.
    I guess all the time will be dedicated to study.
    did you hear anything from school regarding textbooks etc.?
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    This question is for both of you. I am new to this all-nurses thing, but currently am an ICU nurse and am extremely interested in attending Albany CRNA program. I am planning on applying to the program for matriculation of Fall 2013. Any advice or insight you could offer?
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    my friend just got in.. after the application deadline, without having her ccrn, without the gre. on experience alone, it seems.. or just by the grace of god. she had put off applying for years because she didnt feel ready. my advice is to not wait-- get your stuff together and send in an application. the worst they can do is deny you, but you'll at least have some dialogue about what they're wanting from you. go on.. give it a try.
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    just got accepted into ALBANY for fall 2012!!!!any advice?
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    Just wondering what you ladies thought/think about the program at Albany. I'm talking w/ their admissions people and trying to decide if I should apply. How has the program been for you- what's it like- do you regret choosing Albany or do you love it?