ACLS & PALS renewal

  1. I am starting school in August. My PALS just recently expired & I am no longer working at the hospital so I can't renew it without going somewhere & paying a load of money. My ACLS doesn't expire until next year. Do the schools provide renewals at any time during the program? I am attending TCU.
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  3. by   GBID09
    My program provides us with ACLS and PALS just prior to starting clinicals. Everyone will be certified and it will be valid throughout the duration of our clinical rotations. I am sure more schools do than don't.
  4. by   gasmaster
    Thanks. I really don't want to renew now if I don't have to.
  5. by   jemommyRN
    If I were you, I would check with the school to make sure. A friend of mine just got accepted and he has to have PALS before the start of school in August and they are not providing. You don't want to assume they will provide the class and find out at the last minute you were expected to get it on your own. It won't hurt to call and find out for sure.
  6. by   zozzy777
    My program did not provide the classes for us. We had to recert ourselves and pay the money. Definitely check with your program. Plus, you are going to be so busy once school does start. Do you really want to take the time to recert things you could have done before school even starts? Just my 2 cents!