9 months until classes begin. What should i spend this time learning/reviewing? - page 2

I recently gained admission to CRNA school and will start classes in August. What material should I familiarize myself with in the meantime? What would you (CRNA graduates) get a head start on if... Read More

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    Thanks will do !

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    Check out Dr. Najeeb's videos on youtube. They helped me a lot in physiology class.
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    Thanks tenshi! I just found those out thru a resource on another site ! Did you buy the 99 dollar for a year thing ? Or just watch them separately on you tube?
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    You advice is great. i wish i reviewed my sciences before I started CRNA school last year August. I did not do so well and I have drop out and re-start in the same school this year August. Some students are naturally smart that they get things like that. If you are older with responsibilities or struggled with sciences in the past, my recommendation is exactly what chudder said. Its horrible to get kicked out because of some sciences you would have learned before school starts. I plan to study Anatomy and physiology basics independently first and then go back to the book that we used in school ( Guyton ). Some of us need the basics to connect dots and some of us can still "Pass" just by studying power points. Hope this helps.
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    I discovered Dr. Najeebs video while in the program, honestly, it was way too late for me. I have made up my mind to make the most of my situation by studying alot ahead. Listen to entire video for Dr. Najeeb especially in Neuro and Respiratory. This were the hardest chapters in Guyton. Goodluck but CRNA school is no joke. If you have a lot of responsibilities before school, take care of them first.

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