Would NP be a good fit?

  1. I have been thinking about how I have wanted to be a doctor, but that I thought being a nurse would be better because of the fact that a) I know I would be great at it, b) it would be better for the family, and c) I would not be running around in circles tripping over my own shoe-laces AS MUCH as an MD.

    Anyways, I have just now started thinking about going to school to get a Masters after my BSN (Boise State University offers an MSN program for current working RN's). I thought, "Hey! NP's do a LOT of the same things that doctors do..."

    However, I want to be an OR Nurse, and - hopefully - a Charge Nurse somewhere down the road. Mostly, though, I think surgery is where my passion is (at least, unless something else grabs me later on down the road). And I do not think that PN's do any surgeries. They typically do all the clinical side of stuff that doctors do, like prescribing meds and care plans, and what-not. Also, I obviously want to work in a hospital, which I also think NP's do not exist in much.

    Also, there is the money, too. While this is NOT the forefront of my concerns, it is definitely an important issue to consider. We will be moving to the Portland area and my salary will be - and is currently - the sole income (until my wife can start up her Etsy shop). So, there is that. And I do know that NP's make about $20,000 more per year.

    Looking for a little guidance. Got any for me?
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  3. by   Rodoon
    You consider Anesthesia?
  4. by   uRabbit
    Quote from Rodoon
    You consider Anesthesia?
    While the salary is very alluring, the time (and money) spent in school is not. I would assume that anesthesiologists would not be on-call like typical physicians, but I think the time spent away from home would still be quite extensive. But, again, the schooling is the main thing for this one - nine or more years in school... And I am not sure how one would make money while going to med school... Ha.
  5. by   Rodoon
    Ah, Nurse Anesthetist. School isn't nine years, but you need critical care experience first.
  6. by   Quickbeam
    Please consider easing up on yourself and practicing as an RN first before making future plans. Actually working as an RN and seeing what everyone else does may make the decision so much easier.