Will nurse practitioner employers care if you went to a community college?

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    I don't know if i should choose community college first or just go for my BSN. My GPA in high school wasn't that high. Is it better to go to a community college, and then go to a higher ranked university for nursing for my BSN if i want to become a nurse practitioner?

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    By the time you achieve that NP, you will have obtained sufficient job experience to offset any issues that may have been associated with your entry-level degree. You need to choose a pathway that will work for you. But it would be a mistake to assume that CC entrance requirements are less than those of BSN programs. In fact, due to the increased demand for lower-cost programs, the 'competitive' GPA requirement for that CC program may actually be higher than the BSN programs. Once you get into a program, you will need to work very hard to maintain a high GPA so that you won't have any difficulty qualifying for the (MSN) NP program you want.

    Good luck with your education.
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    If you want to be an NP, that requires a Masters. But to start out doing your pre-reqs at a community college is common, since they are cheaper per credit than any university. I would get the pre reqs out of the way at a CC, transfer to a university for your BSN. Get some nursing experience and then go for your NP. Nobody would ever look down on anyone taking courses at a CC in any profession. Some of the best courses and instructors I ever had were at a community college. Good luck!

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