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I am having a really hard time deciding which school to attend for my NP. I have been accepted to Vanderbilt, University of MN and University of KY. My plan had been to go to Vandy for my MSN so that I could practice as an NP... Read More

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    In my opinion the best school to attend is one that is local/regional, affordable, and helps you in obtaining clinicals. Outside of maybe 2 or 3 schools, nursing degrees are all a piece of paper.

    If you attend a school in your region, it will be known by the places that will be hiring you after you graduate, and if you are experienced in your region, you likely already have good connections.

    Cost is also a huge factor. I could never imagine dropping the kind of money top schools like Vandy and Georgetown are asking for. Our two local NP programs are between 3-4k a semester, and total bill coming to just above $15,000 for the entire degree. At that cost you can pay it off as you go without having to pile on the debt.

    Lastly, clinical assistance is a big deal, especially if you have limited experience as a nurse with few connection, or if you are moving to a new area for school. Being forced to find your own clinicals can be a huge burden and create a lot of stress in an already stressful point in you life. Some people won't have issue with this at all, as I have known some nurses going to online degree mill programs that already have their clinicals lined up before they start the program. However, a program that places you or at least helps you at can be priceless.
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    How much does Georgetown cost?
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    I believe Georgetown is about 1600$ per credit hour. The information regarding tuition is confusing via the website. There may be a difference between online and on campus costs.
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    To NAURN
    Do you go to Frontier School of nursing, I am applying there this week for the FNP program. I would like any input if you are attending this school.

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