What's the process?

  1. Just wondering if somebody can explain the process for taking one of the NP exams? I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find the thread. So I already know.... step #1. Graduate. How long after graduation can I take one of the exams? Do i have to wait for transcripts? After certification, do I have to apply for a license? I will be graduating in May so I guess my question is, how long after graduation can you officially start working?
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  3. by   sandnnw

    Diploma, no. Transcript, yes.

    Test < 60 days
    Results < 90 days (unofficial immediate)
    State License < 120 days
    DEA/malpractice < 150 days
    Job ???

    So roughly, it takes about six months. Some states will allow you to work under your supervising physicians license. Check with your BON. Finding a job is tough in some markets. I found one in 8 months, but was very picky.

    Best of luck, ask if you have more thoughts.
  4. by   Lovanurse
    Thank you:-)! I have a job waiting...just wanted to know how long it will take to start. This info helps alot