What was your GPA? Did you get accepted/rejected? What was your GPA? Did you get accepted/rejected? | allnurses

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What was your GPA? Did you get accepted/rejected?

  1. 1 I recently graduate from an ASN program and passed my Nclex! Yay! I am now immediately getting enrolled in a RN-BSN program. Currently my GPA is around a 3.1 but I am definitely going to try to be the best student I can be for the rest of my education.

    I was wondering if you all could share what your BSN GPA was and if you got accepted/rejected? Just trying to figure out if becoming a NP is a reasonable goal for myself. Thank you!

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    I had. 3.75 or 3.81 (drawing a blank). I'm doing my MSN for PNP are drexel. I was accepted there on my first application. Another university who I started to apply to contacted me regularly to get me to try and finish my application...they knew my GPA.
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    3.85. I was accepted with my first application to the first school I applied to despite not having a ton of work experience before applying. Just get all As in your RN to BSN program and you should be fine. If you can't get As in those classes you would struggle in NP school, imo. It is much harder than a BSN. Good luck!
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    3.96 GPA, 1470 GRE. Applied to 2 schools, accepted at both.