Wait listed for Frontier Class 109...

  1. Hey guys. I have applied to Frontier University for FNP, class 109 and found out last week that I am wait listed. Has anyone here who has applied for class 109 heard anything back yet? Anyone who has been wait listed at Frontier, could you share you experience? They did not say that I was automatically into the next class. The only thing that they said was that if someone was to decline or defer there admission for 109, I would be in. At least its not a straight up no... :/
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  3. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    If you search keyword Frontier you will find a couple of posts about people being waitlisted. I don't have any first had experience as I just sent in my packet a few days ago. May I ask what your gpa and experience is?
  4. by   Jazzy*
    I'm just a little worried bc although I am wait listed, they did not say anything about being accepted into the next class. I have seen some of the other post and most of them had said that they were accepted into the next class but just waitlisted for the class they applied for. I might just call to clarify.

    My gpa was a 3.18, not the best, but I think my overall packet was great. I have worked as a rn for a little over a year now. The unit I work on has a variety of pt's including peds, womens surgery's, along with different medical pts.

    What class are you applying for?
  5. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    I applied for FNP class 112. It was the next available Fnp class. Give them a call and ask...nothing to lose!!
  6. by   Jazzy*
    the lady stated that i had a pretty good chance of getting in because a lot of ppl do drop. yay!! good news
  7. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    Fingers crossed for you!!!
  8. by   Jazzy*
    Thank you! fingers crossed for you as well!!
  9. by   frylockholmes
    Keep us other hopefuls updated so we know what to expect! Good luck!
  10. by   strongcoffee
    I realize this is an older post, I have been waitlisted for class 115 and was wondering if you knew approximately how many peopple are on a "wait list" and from those approximately how many actually get it? Just curious if it is just a nicer way of saying "nope, you didn't make it!"
  11. by   Wendilee
    Give us an undated! I want to go to frontier and have around the same GPA as you