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I was just wondering if there were others out there who applied to the UTMB FNP program this year. I applied for the post-master's program. I have no idea how competitive admission is or when they will send letters. Anyone?... Read More

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    Its been a couple weeks, has anyone else heard anything? Im still waiting here.

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    No, I still haven't heard anything either. I called the SON earlier this week and they still said two more weeks. I really hope we hear something soon. I was interested in applying for other programs for Fall if I don't get accepted, hopefully we hear something soon.
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    I understand they had the final meeting last week for selection. Letters should be going out from admissions.
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    Did they tell you what day? I am out of the country but keep checking in to see if they have decided...
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    Finally heard back from UTMB! Can't wait to start, class of 2015!!
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    I got my letter too! I was accepted!! I am so very excited, so ready to learn! Would those of you starting this fall be intersted in a Facebook group? I was part of a private group in a previous program and it was really helpful to get to know classmates, create study groups and discuss projects. I'll set it up if there is enough interest.
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    I don't have a Facebook account but as soon as I get back in the states I'll create one. I completed my BSN at UTMB and it does help to have people in the program to discuss assignments with. I have a friend who is currently in the FNP program and the program set up is similar to BSN, lots of group work and team papers. If anyone is interested in meeting up at orientation and forming a team let me know.
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    I think it is a great idea to start a facebook group, it proved very helpful when I was in the undergrad program. I would also be interested in meeting up at orientation to form a team
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    Ok I started the group "UTMB FNP Students" on Facebook. It is a closed group so our messages will be private. Head on over and join!
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    I searched for the group, but cannot find it. Can you provide a link?

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