University of TN Memphis-FNP

  1. I applied to the UT Memphis FNP program. Deadline is in about 2 weeks. Has anyone else applied or have any idea what the interview will be like or what the school/program will be like?
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  3. by   mookyjoe
    Are you applying directly or going through RODP? I was accepted over the phone as I thought we would be moving there, and then found out that we wouldn't be moving to TN and you have to do clinicals in TN. The program was well organized though and I got immediate responses from the clinical coordinators and Dean so I could inquiry about this program. So sorry I couldn't just move so I could say I was already part of the program. PM me if you have more questions, I'l be happy to help.
  4. by   chakanext
    Thank you for your input. When did you start and how far have you gone? I am applying directly. I live in TN already so that wont be an issue. Can you work and go through the program?
  5. by   mookyjoe
    I never actually attended, I was just accepted by phone. Working is possible while going through the program, however, it all depends on how comfortable you are with studying, clinicals, and home life. Best of luck to you!
  6. by   chakanext
    The January 15th application deadline has come and gone. Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear something from UT?
  7. by   leasterwood89
    I got in for fall 2014! I am so excited! Anyone else get in?
  8. by   chakanext
    Yes!!!! Am in!