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I found out I was accepted the the FNP program on Friday!! Woohoo!! The program focuses on rural family practice, which is one of the things that interested me about the program in the first place.... Read More

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    For anyone who is currently attending - did you have any trouble working a 36 hr/3 day workweek? I'm a bit worried about the time commitment, although I'm fully aware it's a part time program.

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    The program has been very doable so far. I had started out doing all the online classes and I was able to do that plus work full time plus have a baby and take care of my other child & hubby. Then I started clinicals and had to cut back A LOT. I now work prn only but I am going to be doing lots of clinical hours until I graduate in a year. They don't recommend doing the program this way anymore, now they want you to take one online class with one clinical class as soon as possible. I think that would help spread things out.
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    Thanks for the information! How many total clinical hours are required? Did you have a hard time lining up preceptors at all?

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