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    Has anyone attended this school for the online NP programs?? What are your thoughts about the school/NP programs? I am specifically interested in the Psychiatric NP track. The tuition is priced right, and they have full time and part time options. I'm also wondering about how competitive it is, how many students they accept each year.

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    I have a friend that attends... But keep in mind you have to attend campus stuff every semester... And mind you they are in the tundra haha getting there in the winter could be tricky! it ALSO says that you have to be hard wired to internet (no wifi/hotspot/router) for live web classes.

    Just some things to keep in mind. I live in South Dakota and wasn't willing to drive there every semester...

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    Correction I guess for psych, it's once a year attendance on campus

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    I'm looking into it to for FNP. How often are campus visits? I'm on the east coast
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    FNP says each semester. Read ever word of their requirements and curriculum. FNP is a week every semester. Psych says a week each fall semester

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    That might bebhard from east coast but program looks so good. The curriculum seems strong

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