UNCC or WCU fall 2017 FNP applicants

  1. Has anyone heard anything back from UNCC FNP or WCU FNP in NC for fall 2017? I know western is supposed to reach out for interviews march 14, but UNCC is behind! I spoke with the NP coordinator who said she turned everything over to the UNCC grad school march 2. Ahh!! My nerves!
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  3. by   SoloCM517
    I just got my acceptance letter from UNCC last night. Check the application status
  4. by   RuralNurseRN
    I am also waiting to hear from WCU on 3/14. I know they are reviewing applications during spring break this week because I got an email Friday night about my statistics prerequisite.
  5. by   SRCRN
    Hi there! Congrats on getting into UNCC FNP! I also applied but have not received a response. Do you know if the admissions committee sends decisions on different dates? or is it all on the same day?
  6. by   Lbarrett3
    All same day. I am number 5 on waitlist
  7. by   SRCRN
    Do you know anyone else waitlisted? What about denied? Mine is still showing "under review."
  8. by   PedsRN2001
    I applied to UNCC. I was waitlisted but my application status still states "under review". My notification came via email and I actually found it in my junk folder a couple days after it was sent! How did you find out what number you are on the waitlist?
  9. by   SRCRN
    Was the email sent on 3/8?
  10. by   Lbarrett3
    I emailed and asked
  11. by   PedsRN2001
    My email was sent out 3/9
  12. by   Lbarrett3
    For those who got accepted, when do you have to notify the school by? Did you have to pay a deposit?
  13. by   SoloCM517
    No deposit. I'm not sure about when to reply, it didn't give a deadline just said "please accept or decline enrollment." on the letter. But if people didn't accept, they may have sent a reminder and a deadline? Sorry, not much help!