UMSL (University of Missouri - St. Louis) NP Fall 2013 Class

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    Has anyone heard back from admissions? I've yet to get a formal response. Per their website, applicants will begin receiving notification via mail following 2/15/13. The lack of communication is frustrating, especially considering they've had numerous time so far to evaluate early applicants.

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    I applied and still waiting to hear back too. Currently at Drexel and looking to transfer.
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    I heard back yesterday. The site said that they would not review any applications until after the deadline, which was Feb 16. You should be hearing back soon.
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    Curious to know if anyone has been accepted into UMSL FNP program for fall 2013!!!
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    Just got into the adult program, I believe it's all the same until a couple semesters in and then you take your specialized classes.
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    I got into the fnp program, so excited) You are right bluemonday, we should all be in the same track for first couple of years. Anyone else got in? Please post !
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    Congrats!!! Now I'm just waiting for the advisor to call me back so I can eat some info about signing up for classes, etc.
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    Thank you, congrats to you too)
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    No response as of now, May 3/13. Is this normal?
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    Hope you heard from them by now!

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