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Hello again allnurses Community! I have applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner programs at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I'm... Read More

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    Lynn -- I think its a great idea for the SON to have someone on these boards to help answer questions, as many pre-NP students turn to these boards when looking for information from their fellow nurses.

    I will be starting the acute / critical care NP program this fall and will begin my clinical / specialty courses next fall. I believe that a clinical placement coordinator will help alleviate alot of unnecessary stress on us students! What is the timeframe for when this position will be filled?

    neuronRN -- I am less than 5 minutes from the Stratford campus and know several people who have graduated from their acute / critical care NP program. All of which spoke very highly about the program. Location, cost, and reputation made UMDNJ my school of choice.
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    Thank you SICU_Murse for adding to the thread. Your same reasons for UMDNJ are also my reasons for applying. I'm patiently waiting to here of receipt of my application. I think its a great idea for UMDNJ to have a clinical placement specialist.