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Hello again allnurses Community! I have applied to the Family Nurse Practitioner programs at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I'm just interested in receiving some... Read More

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    UMDNJ is on my list schools since it's so close to my house. But finding your own clinical preceptors seems a little daunting. I think NP school will be hard enough without that added responsibility.

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    NJprisonrn I completely agree with you. It's a bit scary thinking that we would be responsible for locating our own preceptors. Many schools practice this as well. Maybe they want us to work on our networking skills.
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    hello neuronrn:

    i commend you for doing such great research as part of your decision process on where to advance your nursing education. in response to your post.....

    umdnj recognizes that finding preceptors certainly can be a challenging process for our students and most other nursing schools. to address this, we are in the process of hiring a clinical placement coordinator to help secure clinical sites and enhance the working relationships among all parties. we also have a student-run advanced practice mentoring group where more experienced students (mentors) are matched with incoming graduate students according to specialty. finding and working with preceptors is one of the topics consistently addressed by this group.

    regarding our planned merger with rutgers university, the overriding goal is that student issues come first and that students are never impacted in a negative way. we are in the process of creating merger-related faqs and welcome your specific questions related to the merger. feel free to message me offline with your questions, or post them here.

    best wishes in your educational journey.

    lynn mcfarlane, director of marketing and communications, umdnj-school of nursing
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    Lynn -- I think its a great idea for the SON to have someone on these boards to help answer questions, as many pre-NP students turn to these boards when looking for information from their fellow nurses.

    I will be starting the acute / critical care NP program this fall and will begin my clinical / specialty courses next fall. I believe that a clinical placement coordinator will help alleviate alot of unnecessary stress on us students! What is the timeframe for when this position will be filled?

    neuronRN -- I am less than 5 minutes from the Stratford campus and know several people who have graduated from their acute / critical care NP program. All of which spoke very highly about the program. Location, cost, and reputation made UMDNJ my school of choice.
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    Thank you SICU_Murse for adding to the thread. Your same reasons for UMDNJ are also my reasons for applying. I'm patiently waiting to here of receipt of my application. I think its a great idea for UMDNJ to have a clinical placement specialist.

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