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HI all! So any working RN's gong from a BSN to a MSN with FNP? I applied for the 2012 fall UCSF MSN/FNP and was wondering how many others have done so? I went to an information meeting earlier this year and there were a lot... Read More

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    Congratulations! Mine hasn't changed yet...I wonder why all the gaps in timelines...

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    Has anyone heard anything yet? The waiting is torture. : )
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    I applied to PNP and still says under review...
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    Hi all. I got an email yesterday afternoon from the Graduate Division. I have been accepted into the Psychiatric NP program at UCSF for Fall 2012. Good luck to everyone. You should be hearing soon.
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    Congratulations egrnsf14!!
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    Under the transcripts section of the personal login page for ucsf, mine states its status was last updated and the date I entered the information for each school. Does anyone have anything different? More specifically, noting if a transcript was received from the school?
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    @ CardiacNurse, my transcript section says the same thing - the date that I entered the information for my school, and doesn't say whether it was ever received or not. Unlike the rec letters underneath that say received and have a date. I was really stressed about it after the application deadline, so I called and they said they did receive it (after some run around and "finding" it), but they never updated that online. Kind of nerve wrecking. I applied for public health as well, still under review. Good luck!
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    @mmoor000 thank you for your response. I didn't really think much about it until recently. I think as the days go by I start critiquing my application more. No use in stressing about it. Just have to wait it out. : ). Good luck to you and happy to see another potential public health applicant on here.
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    I finally broke down and called the SON. They are still going through applications and decisions should go out by the end of the month.
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    I have been waitlisted in the Psych NP program at UCSF and found out today that I am #6 on the waitlist. At first, this made me hopeful but then I realized I have no idea what entering class size is and how many acceptances they sent out. If I knew that, I might have a better sense if #6 is a hopeful place to be or not. I've been accepted to Yale, Vanderbilt, OHSU and am still waiting on Columbia & Univ. of Florida (where I can get in-state tuition). I got my financial "aid" package from Yale today and it freaks me out, all those loans! Can anyone tell me anything they have heard about the UCSF Psych NP program from people that went through it? I know no one...Good luck everyone!!

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