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UCSF 2012 MSN/FNP applicants - page 2

HI all! So any working RN's gong from a BSN to a MSN with FNP? I applied for the 2012 fall UCSF MSN/FNP and was wondering how many others have done so? I went to an information meeting earlier... Read More

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    Public Health. Good luck!
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    Did anyone apply to the MSN Health Policy program?
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    I have received an acceptance letter for post masters AGNP in UCLA! still awaiting UCSF. goodluck to all.I live in SF and would like to keep my job as an RN while finishing school.

    any news?
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    Congratulations coffy25! I just checked my application status and it said denied for UCSF...not sure when they posted it but to those of you waiting no news is good news However, I am delighted to be headed to my number one choice UPenn in the fall!!! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear!!!
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    Still says under review. Anybody heard anything?
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    I'm still under review too...
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    "Admitted" as of March 22 for FNP......I'm sure others will hear soon, too.
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    Congratulations! Mine hasn't changed yet...I wonder why all the gaps in timelines...
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    Has anyone heard anything yet? The waiting is torture. : )
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    I applied to PNP and still says under review...
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    Hi all. I got an email yesterday afternoon from the Graduate Division. I have been accepted into the Psychiatric NP program at UCSF for Fall 2012. Good luck to everyone. You should be hearing soon.
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    Congratulations egrnsf14!!
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    Under the transcripts section of the personal login page for ucsf, mine states its status was last updated and the date I entered the information for each school. Does anyone have anything different? More specifically, noting if a transcript was received from the school?