UCF MSN or DNP for 2017 - page 4

Has anyone applied for 2017 MSN or DNP programs for family nurse practitioner, acute care nurse practitioner, or primary care nurse practitioner at University of Central Florida (UCF)?... Read More

  1. by   Dancingintheraine
    Yay! Congratulations!
  2. by   Amj2991
    Congratulations to you too!!!!
  3. by   Dancingintheraine
    For those who have been accepted and are doing full time school, what are your plans for work? I know everyone has different commitments and family responsibilities, so finances are different for everyone. I'm wondering if you know anyone currently in the program and how they managed school while working?
  4. by   al93
    For those that got the email that stated they are accepted into the DNP instead of the MSN have you gotten follow up emails since? I was told we would be getting more information on the next steps but still haven't recieved an email.
  5. by   Dancingintheraine
    No I was a little worried about how "official" it was and finally reached out to the CoN. They said official letters should reach us via mail by the end of this coming week. They said there is a delay in having our degree changed from MSN to DNP and they are trying to avoid having us having to pay the application fee for the DNP. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon...
  6. by   al93
    Ok thank you!!
  7. by   SheriseFNP
    Congratulations to everyone on their acceptance! I am in for FNP MS. Hoping to connect with everyone. I'm in Vero Beach. Where is everyone else from?
  8. by   SheriseFNP
    I'm hoping I'm hoping to work full time through the program but willing to go part time or not work if need be. 2nd semester looks the one that would be toughest, 3 classes and 180hr of clinical. What are your thoughts?
  9. by   Dancingintheraine
    I'm from Orlando. I went to ucf for my undergrad so they were my first choice for grad school. Will you be moving to orlando?

    I hope we can all meet during orientation
  10. by   al93
    Does anyone know the date for orientation?
  11. by   Dancingintheraine
    I just got an email to rsvp to a mandatory video conference on May 4. Maybe they will be discussing orientation dates during that time?
  12. by   ram17
    Hi there, saw your posting. Don't know if you could tell me how hard it was to get in? I know they require GRE, was it difficult? Im interested, but really dont want to take GRE? Any advice? This
  13. by   Dancingintheraine
    I would suggest setting up a meeting with a grad coordinator at the college of nursing. That's what I did and they were helpful in explaining that each part of the application is weighted. They don't just look at your GRE or your GPA. They look at everything. So making sure you have a CV/resume that shows you are involved, join some professional organizations, get some certifications, etc. I put everything on my CV haha. And then making sure you write a good essay. All of those things together are weighted.

    The MSN was very competitive and they are doing away with that program after this Fall. They will only be offering the DNP.