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I have applied to UAB's ACNP program for Fall 2013. Just wanted to start a "roll call", if you will, for all those applying to any of UAB's NP programs for fall 2013 so that we can kind of keep each... Read More

  1. by   Bgamblern
    Quote from friamber
    I am glad to hear this. I am just ready to know for sure either way (although it is not looking good). I talked with another school today that may be another option

    I know! Me too! It's taken long enough to get answers. Sorry didn't mean to leave you out of the last post, I didn't realize that you hadn't received any infor yet either.
  2. by   yourbabyRN
    I got that same email a while ago. I had also taken a statistics course in undergrad so I called them and they we able to override it for me.
  3. by   yourbabyRN
    Thanks so much for the info!
  4. by   life2020
    Accepted to adult with women's sub
  5. by   yourbabyRN
    Congrats Life2020! When did you get your letter?
  6. by   yourbabyRN
    I still haven't heard anything so I am wondering if they sent letters out in alphabetical order?
  7. by   Bgamblern
    I received my packet today and unfortunately did not get into the FNP program. I will reapply for next year.
  8. by   %63theend
    I got my letter today. It was a no. I'm not sure if I will use the enclosed form to resubmit for the following semester. I am thinking I won't. I'm leaning towards trying to get into a brick and mortar local school. Honestly I do want to be an NP one day but I have to say I was a little relieved when I got the letter. I'm not sure what that means.

    Congratulations to everyone who got in. I'm sure my time will come when it is meant to be.
  9. by   Bgamblern
    Sorry to hear this. I'm in the same boat :/ I thought about resubmitting my application but I think I am going to do a new one with new references, resume and essay. We will see how it goes. Congrats to all those who got in.
  10. by   life2020
    I got my packet on the 26th...
  11. by   Seaop
    Hey Everyone,
    So I'm still wondering if there is anyone out there still waiting on a letter. I had given up hope until I received this e-mail. I emailed her back and she didnt tell me if i was in or not, just that letters were still being finalized and mailed out.

    Welcome to UAB School of Nursing,

    Please be aware that students will be required to have a statistics course completed prior to entering the Master's program. We are starting a new curriculum in the Fall 2013 and NUR 600 is now NUR 606 (Translating Evidence into Practice). If you want to take the statistics course at UAB you will need to do the following: Apply to the UAB undergraduate as a "temporary" student, which will not require you to send in transcripts. Please go to this webpage and click "More Options" then "Continue to Temporary" :

    Once you are registered please sign up for the on-line statistic's course for Summer 2013- MA 480- CRN 40846

    We will be sending out more information about the summer orientation. During the summer orientation the faculty will provide more information on when you will be required to come to campus for additional visits.

    Thank You

  12. by   SLegui74
    I received my packet on the 26th as well, Adult Acute NP, concentration in gerontology. Is anyone attending the orientation June 27-28th?
  13. by   lbprn
    I'm really sorry to those who didn't get in. Don't give up. Keep going after what you want!