UAB Fall 2011 Admissions

  1. I am curious if anybody has received an acceptance letter from UAB, I got an email from the Graduate School of Nursing to check my "application status". I checked and all I saw was "Congratulations your application is complete" Whatever that means, I applied back in February so I do not understand why "its now complete" I really hope I get in. Can any confirm if acceptance or denial letters have already been sent out.
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  3. by   wengreen
    I called on yesterday and they told me it would be after the holidays before we hear anything.
  4. by   ashonman
    Thanks I am very nervous, waiting patiently to hear from them. Thanks for the info!
  5. by   kekejen
    I still have not heard anything. Have anyone received their letters yet?
  6. by   wengreen
    According to past posts, it seems we should hear something by the 14th. So far noone has heard anything. It seems others from other institutions have heard by now. Waiting this long in not right and its too late to apply anywhere else because deadlines have already approached for most schools. So this week should tell us something hopefully.
  7. by   luvleee
    The nice lady from UAB admissions office said that I was sent a packet and not a letter. I live in GA so said packet is not in my hands yet and I don't have deets yet. I hope this means what I think it means. She told me not to worry. goodluck everyone!
  8. by   ashonman
    But would'nt it say something in your account when you log in into your application?
  9. by   kekejen
    I got my "packet" today. I was accepted into the program. Concentration in adult/women's health. Good luck to the rest of you who are waiting.
  10. by   wengreen
    They told me they don't mail out packets just a letter of acceptance and instructions on how to register for classes. They also said you should be able to see something online too. I was transferred to a Michael Jameson, which got his voicemail and it was full. He is the man with all the answers I guess.
  11. by   luvleee
    i didn't see anything but "application complete!" online. someone tell me if they see otherwise.
  12. by   kekejen
    I got a large, catalogue sized envelope with the acceptance letter and instructions on background check, urine testing, fall semester calendar, program of study, health screening, etc. It was most definately a small booklet of papers.
  13. by   wengreen
    That's all it says. You can call (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME/NUMBER - PLEASE DO NOT POST IDENTIFYING INFORMATION OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS). He can tell you something. I emailed him today he said more letters were mailed out today in addition to last Friday. So hopefully definitely by Friday everybody should have some type of information.
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  14. by   luvleee
    got my letter.

    attached is an image of what it should look like for those of u waiting